Bud Light VS. Coors Light: What’s the Worst Light Beer?

I know it’s been on your mind. Deep down, every time you see a can of light beer cracked open and (probably) shotgunned, you wonder if it’s the worst light beer out there. Well, I tried to particularly bad ones to determine which was worse, in an effort to set your mind at ease without forcing you to try it.

worst light beer

Battle of the bad beers: Coors Light and Bud Light

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    I’m no expert on light beer but… I think if I remember correctly the stated ABV on both is 4.2 but coors is marginally lower (4.15?) which is allowed to be sold as 4.2. but also leaves Coors with marginally less calories. Bud light from my memory is slightly darker with more of a gold hue…. the key question though is: what did you do with the remainder of both cans? You drank them didn’t you….

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