Bourbon, Whisky

Bulleit Bourbon is Worth a Shot 

The first time I was introduced to Bulleit Bourbon, it was described to me as the “go-to, bar standard for bourbon in most of the United States.” Whether this was meant as a flattering compliment or damning criticism is hard to determine, but one thing…


Imbibing Whiskey With the Intern 

It seems absurd to have an intern who doesn’t like drinking supporting your alcohol site. Yet, Andrew was eager to participate, and I could hardly blame him. As part of Andrew’s internship at Sublime Imbibing, I was insistent he at least TRY a whiskey tasting….

Bourbon, Whisky

Blanton’s Special Reserve is One Boring Bourbon 

“Special” increasingly bears a negative connotation in our society, and Blanton’s Special Reserve bourbon is leading the charge. “What?” you’re thinking. “I haven’t seen this in the liquor store!” And you’d be right. This “special” bourbon is exclusively sold abroad, and thus rarely makes it to Canada…

Scotch, Whisky

The Macallan 12: Dropping Sherry Bombs 

  Sometimes it’s nice to get blasted out of your drinking routine, and that’s exactly what The Macallan 12 year sherry-casked scotch did for me. This single malt is notorious for bearing a much different flavour profile than its sweet, caramel Speyside kin, largely due to…