Norlan Whisky Glass: A Review 

Just to make it perfectly clear, I don’t Kickstart things often. But when I took a look at what Norlan had planned for a whisky glass, I simply couldn’t resist — especially when my backing would net me two glasses when the project came to…

Rye/Canadian, Whisky

Lot 40 Whisky Has a Lot to Offer 

Canadian whiskey has traditionally gotten a bad rap. Mostly thanks to brands like Canadian Club serving the “bottom shelf mixer whiskey” slot with extreme consistency (although their Chairman’s Select Rye proves they can deliver a decent dram.) But dawn is breaking for Canadian whiskey lovers,…

Bourbon, Whisky

Bulleit 10 Year Bourbon: A Mature Whiskey 

I’m a fan of Bulleit bourbon. It’s a straight forward, unabashed whiskey that’s perfectly suited for decent cocktails and sipping alike. So when I got the chance to try Bulleit 10 bourbon, the big brother of the Bulleit line, I was excited — would this bring additional refinement…

Bourbon, Whisky

Maker’s Mark Misses My Mark 

Enter any frat house in North America, and behind the decaying furniture and overturned beer cans, you’ll almost certainly see the red-waxed necks of Maker’s  Mark bottles strewn about. Its appeal to fraternity drinkers is threefold: It’s readily accessible at all liquor stores, it’s iconic (and thus…