I’m a rye guy. It’s in my whisky (I favour a bottle of Northern Harvest for my go to), it’s in my bread and you better believe it’s in the beer I love. In addition to loving rye, I also like slick branding and camping, which made it basically inevitable that I’d try the Boshkung Brewing Co. Campfire Rye Ale which has all that in spades.

First and foremost, I think it’s important to note I’m coming to this beer a bit late. It’s a fall/winter release in the LCBO, and this review is coming out just as we’re heading into spring. But here’s the thing — I don’t care, because A) I think it shows that Boshkung Brewing is capable of hitting some pretty high notes, and B) I want more rye ales in this world, and more importantly, in your mouth.

Here’s why I like this beer:

Boshkung Brewing Campfire Rye Ale Review

If you were gonna quantify the real genre of beer Campfire Rye Ale falls into, you’d probably have to call it a red/amber ale. But if the flavour that comes to mind is an over-sweet, metallic Rickard’s Red, you’re in for a pleasant surprise with the Boshkung.

I wish I could describe the colour honestly, but to be frank I drank it from the can and didn’t get a good look (sorry pint-glass purists). That said based on descriptions and pictures elsewhere, it’s got a robust reddish hue. Mine was a bit cold, which meant rather lazy effervescence. On the nose, Campfire Rye Ale smells rich and smoky, with lots of fresh bread and a hint of cedar wood.

After a sip, I was big time sold. Campfire Rye Ale has a great mouthfeel, and the flavour is complex but readily enjoyable. It’s got the aforementioned breadiness, but it’s made interesting with the addition of smoke and a kick of black pepper from the rye. It’s well balanced enough that I could give it to my Rickard’s loving dad with no complaint and enjoy one myself too.


Final Verdict

You may have missed your chance to buy this exact Boshkung. But you might still get lucky. Either way, I think this is a promising brew and a reminder that if you get your hands on a rye ale, you definitely ought to sip it slow.