The cold weather cometh — and while that can be a bit of a rocky transition for everyone, I don’t think anyone is hit harder than white wine drinkers. Ok that might be an exaggeration, but seriously one day you’re reaching for that bracingly cold Chablis on your patio, and the next you’re bundled up by a fire seriously considering the merits of warm apple cider. Luckily, there exists wines to facilitate this transition, and I can’t think of a better example than Erath Pinot Noir from Oregon.

A good pinot offers something for everyone. A light approachable wine without a tannic punch, but with enough character to be served at room temp (or cellar temp, if you prefer.) Erath is all this and more, and I have enjoyed it very much in warm weather and cold, with food and without. It’s a switch hitter wine and a real crowd pleaser.

Here’s how it struck me:

Erath Pinot Noir Review

I have to admit, I know of Oregon Pinot Noirs more from reputation than from consumption. Sure, I’ve had a few, but my heart has always been with Burgundy when it comes to this thin-skinned red. But based on the earthy, more robust character attributed to Oregon pinots, Erath must simply be an archetypal example.

On the nose, you’re met with earth tones with a bit of tobacco and leather making their presence known. There’s also an undercurrent of cherry and even a bit of baking spice. As I said earlier, Erath is an appropriate wine for any season, but if you squint real hard it almost smells like fall.

After a sip, the earth tones recede to playing rhythm, and the fruit takes center stage. Lovely (but rather subdued) cherry and dark fruit (maybe plums?) combine for an extremely well balanced flavour. Erath actually has a bit of heft to it, and if we were going by weight I’d definitely call it a medium-bodied wine with a good mouthfeel. The finish is maybe a bit brief, but leaves you with wood-spice notes.

Erath Pinot Noir


Final Verdict

Erath Pinot Noir is an excellent and versatile wine that can appeal to both red and white drinkers, summer and fall lovers, and really anyone who can appreciate sipping a good glass slow.