Dad beer: you already know what I’m talking about. It’s cold, it’s crisp, and by god it ain’t craft. It’s almost invariably a lager (although the occasional amber ale will sneak in), and it’s drunk with enormous aplomb at occasions ranging from graduations to garden parties, Labor Day to lawn mowing. So, naturally I love it when a beer like Henderson Food Truck Lagered Blonde comes along, and captures the spirit of “Dad” while adding a little zhoozh.

Matter of fact, it was the designated Dad drink at our wedding — I couldn’t simply drop Hop Bombs all night with Octopus Wants to Fight, after all. I knew I needed a lager, but I didn’t want to compromise on quality. Luckily, I go way back with Henderson and have enjoyed their earnest, nostalgic approach to their flagship brews, so was happy to serve em.

Looking for some fancy father fizz? Here’s what I think of Henderson Food Truck:

Henderson Food Truck Review

What makes a good lager? I looked into this a while ago when I compared two solid craft offerings. In some ways, it’s a bit like a good vodka — it’s the absence of fuss, the subtelty, refinement and refreshing nature, without too much noise and fuss that define the drink. Bonus points if the flavour that is there is tasty and well-balanced with any bitterness present.

In all these respects, Henderson Food Truck knocks it out of the park. It pours a beautiful clear straw with lively effervesence, and a pleasent sweet aroma. While it does smell, you know, like beer, there’s also a little complexity with some hop aromas I definitely don’t expect from the Buds of the world.

Food Truck’s flavour is top notch. The vibrant carbonation only adds to the refreshing back-bone, and a little sweet maltiness is balanced against a kiss of bitter. This beer + hot day = a satisfied post-sip “Aaaahh.” Henderson Food Truck isn’t trying to reinvent the wheel, but it certainly makes sure it rolls particularly well. Definitely a drink for the Dads and non-Dads alike.

Henderson Food Truck Lagered Blonde


Final Verdict

No doubt developed in the spirit of popular macro domestics, Food Truck is an elevated lager well worth sipping slow.