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There is no question about it – almost everyone enjoys an elegant glass of quality wine.

However, some people are just crazy for the red nectar, and never seem to get enough. If you (or your friend’s) love of wine runs as deep as the bottle of your favorite Cabernet Sauvignon, you may as well be labeled an oenophile. Since that’s the case, here are some suggestions for picking the perfect gift for wine drinkers:

A Quality Bottle of Wine

Wine itself is at the top of every gift list for wine-lovers across the world. A quality bottle of red wine, say Pinot Noir or an easy Merlot, or a 90s Chardonnay, from reputed bottle shop in Sydney CBD if you are in Australia or your nearest local store, is a gift only an oenophile can really appreciate. The best bottles of wine may set you back a bit, but it just might be the perfect excuse to start that wine collection you or your friend have always been talking about.

A Wine Cooler

A wine cooler is probably the most essential device every true vintage connoisseur needs. However, we are not talking about the cheap low-alcoholic abomination some people have the nerve to call wine, but the container where you can chill your delightful reds and whites. Not only does the cooler refrigerate your entire wine cabinet, it also stores the wine, protecting it against excess sunlight and temperature fluctuations until you are ready to pop-open a bottle and enjoy a glass.

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A Wine Thermometer

Depending on your choice, the optimal temperature of wine is somewhere around 13°C. A bit over and you risk damaging the precious liquid, but a bit under and you might not taste all the fragrant aromas. So, to make sure you pour a perfect glass of wine every single time, get a digital wine thermometer. All you have to do is wrap it around the bottle, wait for it to display the temperature and in an instant you’ll know exactly which bottle will satisfy your palate best.

A Tastevin

A wine tasting cup necklace, or a tastevin, was used to check the maturity of wine. While most mortals have never heard of it, a wine-geek knows exactly what it is and will definitely want one for him or herself. The ultimate in wine bling accessories, once you wear it at a wine-tasting event you are bound turn some heads.

A Sommelier Course

If you want to take your friend’s or your own passion for wine to the next level, step it up with a sommelier course. Following the international sommelier guide, you will not only be drinking various wines the next couple of weeks, but stay in the loop with latest trends and standards. Once you finish the course, you will have obtained world of knowledge on vine and more importantly learned to truly appreciate every drop of wine you taste.

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A Cheese Board Set

As every wine-lover knows: where there is wine good cheese is not far behind. To complete your wine tasting experience, get your friend, or yourself for that matter, the ultimate cheese board and knife set. A wooden serving tray includes at least four different cheese knives, while some even have a dedicated space for a wine glass. All that’s left is to open up a bottle and serve some fine cheese that go with it.

A Wine Drip Collar

Certainly, we all know how to drink wine, but most of us have trouble pouring wine without dripping. So, until you master the deft twist and lift technique, get a wine drip collar to stop the wine drops running on the side. The collar is neatly placed on the neck of the bottle, catching excess liquid and leaving your table cloth wine-stain free.


Whether it’s you, or a person close to you, these amazing gadgets, gizmos and clever devices can make a perfect gift for wine drinkers. All you need to do now is select one and enjoy a well-deserved glass of wine as you wrap it up.