Every wine connoisseur should know how to pair their favourite drink with desserts. If you are interested in expanding your wine drinking experience, learn from the Italians. They are well-known for their hedonistic lifestyle, so it should not come as surprising that they stay longer at the table after the meal and opt for eating deserts while they drink wine. To perfectly match the two things, follow a basic rule – the darker the dessert is, the darker the wine should be.

What Wine to Serve With Caramels?

If you are fond of caramel or custard you should know which type of wine to match with those. You will need something buttery, mild and dark so opt for red wine. You should choose Joseph Phelps 2013 Pastorale Vineyard Estate Grown Pinot Noir (Sonoma Coast). The wine is rich in acidity. Its extraordinary taste is a mix of soy, roses, dark cherry and pomegranate. You will hardly find a wine as velvety as this one. This is an excellent choice for every day usage as it is light.

Wine & Desserts
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Chocolate Gets More Delicious

No matter how much you enjoy indulging in various types of chocolate, your overall chocolate tasting experience can be better. You will need to make sure that the wine is as sweet as the chocolate. Look for fruity and intense varieties which will be a perfect match.

If you are keen on milky chocolate, go for Merry Edwards 2013 Klopp Ranch Pinot Noir (Russian River Valley). There are concentrated notes of chocolate in its voluptuous texture and you will easily detect notes of black cherry too. The pairing is super sweet so be sure not to indulge too much in it.

Wine & Chocolate
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Those who are up for some healthier snacks will love the combination of dark chocolate and Cabernet Sauvignon. PlumpJack Winery ‘Estate’ 2013 Cabernet Sauvignon (Oakville) is all that you need in order to enjoy in your dark chocolate. You will discover fresh herb notes which will spice up your chocolate experience. If you are thinking about embracing some healthier eating habits, shop for dark chocolate and drink to matching wine to improve your overall health.

Bittersweet chocolate lovers will be thrilled to try Shiraz. Clonakilla 2013Shiraz-Viognier Murrumbateman (Canberra District) will leave you enchanted. You will notice violet aromas and the really fine and smooth texture. The wine makes a balance of aromas and you will get amazed once you try this combination.

Nut Cakes Can be Spiced Up

You can easily bake a nut cake. Just bake it with cinnamon and ginger and put on top some nuts while you pour caramel sauce. The cake will get more delicious if you drink some Shiraz wine along with it. Mount Langi Ghiran 2013 Langi Shiraz Grampians (Victoria) is the perfect match you are looking for. If you are thinking of hosting an intimate romantic dinner, search no more, all you need is this cake and a bottle of top-quality Shiraz.

Dessert & Wine
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There is a whole lot more to wine drinking experience than you have ever imagined. Once you get to learn the tips and tricks of pairing desserts with wine you will see how bedazzling the combinations can be and how the taste of both wine and desserts can be complementary.