Nothing says sexy like an adult beverage before some adult fun. Before you and your partner slip into something more comfortable, you should sip on something a little stronger. Even if you’re a spitter, here are a few liquids you simply must swallow.
Proseco:  Sparkling wine connotes celebration, and nothing deserves to be celebrated more than some skin-on-skin time with your significant other. Just because you’re on a student budget doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the bubbly—a bottle of Proseco will serve just as effectively as a bottle of Champagne. Try a bottle of Blu Giovello Proseco, it’s loaded with notes of lemon rind and pear, with a pleasant, refreshing acidity. Only $14.95 at the LCBO, Blu is an affordable way to commence an intimate evening.
Red Wine: No drink is more associated with sex than red wine. This dark, sexy potion is as potent as your passion. A good bottle of red does more for ardour than any number of sweet nothings. For some reasonably-priced romance, try a bottle of Penfolds Koonunga Hill Cabernet Sauvignon.Packed with flavours of wood, vanilla, and red berries, this wine will certainly get engines revving. Normally $13.65, it’s currently on sale at the LCBO for $10.65, an absolute steal.
Cognac: When things start to get hot and heavy, you need a fluid to match– and nothing is more conducive to this then cognac. Dense, rich and deep amber in colour, cognac will correctly compliment your coitus. Try Remy Martin VSOP Cognac, a honey, vanilla and peach ambrosia that will warm you from head to toe, almost as effectively as your partner. It’s not particularly cheap, but you can’t put a price on a good session of heavy petting. Pick up a 375ml bottle for $45.95.
Smoth’s Spanish Coffee: After a vigorous session of affection with your significant other, it’s high time to perk up your spirits with a bit of caffeine. A sexy spin on your regular coffee is the Spanish version. While there are many different recipes for this legendary after-dinner beverage, I prefer to add one ounce brandy, and ½ ounce Kahlua to a cup of strong coffee. Top with some whip cream and rim the mug with coarse sugar if you’re feeling ambitious. Don’t worry about the calories– undoubtedly you and your partner will contrive some way to work them off.
A little social lubricant accompanies the more corporeal variety perfectly. Pour it into some fine crystal, share a drink and a moment with your sexy someone, and remember to sip it real slow. You’re going to want these moments to last.