One of my all time favourite cocktails is the classic Old Fashioned. I learned the principles of this famous drink from the same generous gentleman who shared his Talisker 57° North with me, although I’ve put my own spin on it. While the traditional Old Fashioned is served as a single, I tend to prefer a double, and the recipe is as follows:

2 sugar cubes (small teaspoon of regular white sugar will work)
3 generous dashes Angostura Bitters
2 generous dashes Orange Bitters
2 ounces good bourbon whiskey
1 very large ice rock (3 cubes will suffice in a pinch)
1 pinky-finger-length piece of thin twist of lemon

Run the sugar cubes under lukewarm water for about ten seconds, or until they begin softening. Pop them into a lowball glass, and muddle them into a simple syrup. Make sure the syrup is clear and the sugar is well dissolved before adding any alcohol. Using a peeler or small knife, cut your lemon rind nice and thin. Rim the glass with it for aroma, and add it to the syrup. Then shake in your bitters, and add your bourbon. Once that’s completed, lower in your ice, and stir briefly. Enjoy!