Final Verdict

If you're looking for a big ass-kicking red, you'll probably think you've found it when you peep the label of a wine called Young Brute. However, this wine manages to maintain an air of refinement while bringing a youthful energy. It won't kick your ass, but it will make you think and is a thoroughly enjoyable red worth sipping slow.

When you approach a wine called Young Brute, you’re bound to sip it with some preconceived notions.

It’s probably going to be brash, unrefined and proud of it. There’s no age statement and the grapes used in the blend aren’t obvious, only cementing prejudice. From the branding alone, you might assume this is a cheap and cheerful party wine, even though the price tag would suggest otherwise.

Thankfully, Young Brute is apt to exceed your expectations, even while living up to its rather telling name.

Young Brute Wine Review

Young Brute pours dark and brooding. It lacks the purpleness of some other burly Australians, instead looking more like ruby with the lights off.

On the nose, this wine offers up a basket of ripe berries, with dark cherry taking center stage. There’s a touch of woodspice, and a kick of earthiness too.

In the mouth, Young Brute proves that, in spite of it’s roguish youth, it also brings some refinement to the table. The dark cherries on the nose continue to take center stage in the mouth, augmented with sweet oak, a touch of black pepper, and even a touch of fresh herbs. The tannins are surprisingly reserved, and the acidity relatively low — just enough to perk your palate a bit.

The finish is long and lush, softening into a bit of dried tobacco and vanilla. Even though Young Brute is a medium bodied wine, the finish leaves you with the impression you just drank something far heavier.