My love for Prosecco has been well documented. Italy’s answer to Champagne, Prosecco is a light, bright bubbly, as perfect for popping on warm Sunday afternoons as for celebrating a special occasion. While I’m an absolute sucker for any half-decent dry Prosecco, some nonetheless stand out from the rest — and Foss Marai Extra Dry is one of them.

With its eye-catching blue bottle, Foss Marai opts for a small and subtle gold label. It’s a fantastic bottle to put on ice, looking nearly as good out of the glass as in it. Found primarily in Vintages, it’s often enough in the “available chilled” section at the LCBO, and will run you about $20 — a not inconsiderable price, but well worth it for this bubbly.

Foss Marai Tasting Notes

Foss Marai is vibrantly carbonated and looks gorgeous in a traditional flute. That said, it’s complex enough to benefit from the extra air received in a wider-brimmed wine glass so the choice is entirely your own. Foss Marai pours an incredibly pale yellow, almost completely transparent save for the aforementioned carbonation. On the nose, its a cornucopia of brightly acidic fruits, with pineapple and orange zest taking centre stage, augmented with a soft floral bouquet. While lots of Proseccos can tend to be mindless summer sippers, Foss Marai clearly brings a little something extra.

In the mouth, the effervescence bears a singular dryness with some sharp acidity. Once this passes, a lovely flavour of nectarine and orange zest mingle with a very soft floral note. Foss Marai is inncredibly well balanced, and fairly subtle, with a crisp refreshment that could make many Champagnes seem positively cloying in comparison. Foss Marai has a fairly brief finish, leaving a bit of sweet pineapple for the drinker to mull over before tucking into another sip.

Foss Marai Extra Dry Prosecco


Final Verdict

There's never a bad occasion for Prosecco, and as such, never a bad occasion for one as good as Foss Marai. Not exactly a budget bottle, it will bring a bit of zest to an event, be it a quiet nip in your sun-warmed backyard, or an important ceremony calling for a popped cork. Regardless of when, where or how you drink it, Foss Marai is a Prosecco you will undoubtedly want to sip slow.