The snow drifts and ice patches hardly conjure the desire for a crisp glass of white wine, but for those who just can’t wait for summer, the Jackson-Triggs Grand Reserve Sauvignon Blanc is one hell of a bottle. It’s hard to believe it comes from Canada, as most of the sexy and affordable Sauv Blancs are coming out of New Zealand right now, which has a slightly different climate. That said, the Grand Reserve is a real treat in any price range, but absolutely astounds at only $19.95 a bottle from the Wine Rack.

But the question remains, why would anyone be drinking a chilled glass of white wine in a serious Canadian winter? Well, it could range from a preference over red to a perfect food pairing. Regardless, Jackson Triggs has crafted a bottle to meet any drinking requirements regardless of season.

I originally tried the Grand Reserve Sauvignon Blanc in July, and it was a wonderful crisp treat. My tasting notes referred to potent tropical fruit like mango but cut with enough acidity to prevent flabbiness. It seemed like the perfect summer beverage, and truthfully it is. But I recently revisited it in the depths of winter (mostly as a change from my usual J-T go-to, the Meritage Reserve), and was even more impressed.

It has a complexity missing from too many Canadian whites. It smells of fruit salad, with a hint of tangerine and a wallop of melon. On the tongue, it’s light bodied without seeming watery. But boy is it fruity — in another life this Grand Reserve could have been a fruit smoothie. However, because of the crisp acidity it never feels cloying, instead acting in perfect balance. If it sounds like I’m describing a $50 wine it’s because I should be — but instead I’m writing about a bottle that doesn’t even exceed a $20 bill.

New Zealand has cornered the market on Sauv Blancs recently, a varietal for which Canada has never been known. Yet, it seems like Jackson Triggs is knocking on the door of the Kiwis with this fantastic offering. With a classy brown-grey label, a complex flavour profile, and a suitability for any occasion or season, JT has made a white wine you’ll definitely want to sip slow.