Every New Year’s Eve I treat myself to a new Champagne (as good an excuse as any to spend far too much on a bottle of booze), and give it a review. This year, based on numerous recommendations, I opted for Pol Roger Reserve Brut Champagne, a well-regarded, but highly affordable bubbly from the famous region. In fact, I picked Jay McInerney’s (wine taster extraordinaire and author) brain over Twitter, and he asserted that Pol Roger produced the most consistent champagne year-to-year.

Last year, I enjoyed the the Laurent-Perrier 2004 vintage which I found exceptional, and imagined difficult to beat. The Pol Roger (a favourite champagne of Winston Churchill) did not disappoint, bringing a level of refinement I’d normally expect from a vintage bubbly, in a price range actual mortals can afford.

Pol Roger Champagne Tasting Notes

It pours a lovely pale yellow with vibrant carbonation — put simply, Pol Roger looks good in a glass. But it’s not just a looker — Pol Roger is a mature wine for mature wine drinkers. On the nose is an impressive hit of mineral, like pavement after a light rain (tastes better than it sounds.) There’s also a lovely sweet apple, and a lemon rind note that promises Pol Roger won’t fall flat.

Of course, the taste doesn’t disappoint. Pol Roger makes good on it’s promise of minerality with a distinct limestone flavour underneath it’s main profile of sourdough toast, applesauce and a delicious lemon citrus. The mouth feel is fantastic with the lush carbonation softening on the tongue, and a medium body. Pol Rogers finishes strongly bready, with its crisp acidity fading leaving sweet fruit to linger.

Pol Rogers Brut Champagne


Final Verdict

Looking to buy a bottle of real champagne without selling your car? Get Pol Roger Brut. It is a wonderful champagne that far outclasses its peers in the "I can actually buy this" class of sparkling wine. I enjoyed my bottle thoroughly for New Year's Eve 2016, and I highly recommend it for any celebration you feel warrants a wonderfully bubbly worth sipping slow.